Island of Cumbrae

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

our trip begins..this trip was about 3months ago?..haha yea yea..I took me that long simply just did =p

took a train there..about 45mins away =)journeying..
cameras are simply amazing ain't it?..the ability to capture the moment of life..a snap shot..BUT it's just A MOMENT it sometimes doesn't really mean that much...unless it's a good thing ^^ but if it's bad than don't bother too much about can be manipulative if fallen in the wrong hands ;)

a memorial to those who fought for their country
'For your tomorrow, we gave our today' ironic as I just read this phrase earlier on: 'Everything in your future is created by your present' - Robb Thompson.
Sometimes we do not put much thoughts into things and as a result of that, we tend to take things for granted...we never really gave thought of what and how much a person might have gone through to bring something into fulfillment.
Thus it's so important to always be I understand this much more, as I learn and grow. Somebody might have just bought you a box of chocolates, although not much but that person might have taken a lot to get you that box of chocolates.
Somebody might have done something seemingly easy for you but yet it may have taken a lot out of that person to do that for would never know
I am becoming more aware of things now as I gain my understanding of this thing called LIFE
I am learning =)

after not riding a bike for like ages! I took a BIG step in volunteering myself to get a tandem XD thts cause my partner, Pei Yuan doesn't know how to ride a I helped her out =)
the other guy: Khai Yong -> vain pot =p
the 15mins or so ferry ride to the island

these are the scottish dudes who performed (must watch) in the ferry. what a treat!
that's the bike shop which we rented from..loads of bike shops around to rent a bike

small lil town

there were ppl sailing in the freezing icy cold waters

I actually have got quite a few more pics...but apparently photobucket is not showing it -_-
it really is annoying when they don't put down their terms clearly..hmph

will need to tell the story later thn..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and you should have more local people in. Mum and I enjoyed them. Dad