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Monday, September 10, 2007

well...I only found out today that...the quota for a FREE account on Flickr is 200pictures

so after the 200th pic, the pictures you upload won't be able to be viewed by anyone else...unless you delete some long as you stay within the 200 quota you are fine..but what's the point?? for ppl like me, who's looking for FREE usage and donation to the site when we get is not the choice! anyone has any good recommendations??...gonna try a few more...wonder if picasa is good...


Anonymous said...

hey Fionna, K. here.

You can use photobucket. It's kinda mostly free I think. Definitely more than the one you currently use.

You can also put a password on your album to restrict access from outsiders. But dont count on putting any sensitive pictures. Any password is breakable. >:3

Fionna Tan said...

heya K.

unfortunately...the dumb photobucket...or either tht something wrong with you can see in my post Island of Cumbrae..i can only upload 20pics that's showing...but the rest are not showing =_(

haha..nah i won't store any 'sensitive' pics in the net XD all tht's in the net is cool for all to view =p