University of Strathcylde

Sunday, September 9, 2007

So there it is, my university till I graduate! =D
Can't wait till the day comes!!! haha...and I got 2 more semesters to go ^^

So much lies await ^^

Well I do think that Malaysian's Universities are up to par but let me rephrase that, Malaysian PRIVATE universities are up to par ;)
It's a pity state, of what has become the public universities of Malaysia. Once it was well known to have top notch education, to serve as a learning institution for all. But now it is only a place for a certain group of people and it is also this group of people that have brought the downfall of the reputation of the public universities.

I know no country is perfect but Malaysia have a lot of growing up to do...after all it is still a developing country. One day I will return to turn it around if I may.
We have so many talented people in Malaysia, so much skills but most if not all have went abroad to seek a better life and I think they should. For our country has not given to this people what they deserve, no honor, no respect.

But it's a good thing as well for Malaysia has made us a better person, a tougher people group..we are more resilient, stronger, smarter. But it is high time that we unite together to do something in return for our country...time to get off our butts and meddle into things. It is our country after all, our rights more so our RESPONSIBILITY.

It's a good Uni at UoS but much can be improved and worked on.
The halls are really good, student accommodation is highly recommended. At least for the one that I'm staying in ^^
They offer pretty good service and quite efficient ;)