my place

Sunday, September 9, 2007

this is my halls of residence =)
known as JBC (james blyth court)

the student accommodation is highly recommended indeed! Since its much cheaper than outside or at least I think so but definitely less hassle as you don't have to worry about water bills and electricity bills! Which can be quite expensive since the heaters are very likely electrical =) Plus sometimes in the summer you would still need your heaters to be on, so that simply shows how much electricity that you need to use.
Below would be the view outside my room window ^^ nice huh?
check out the bird flying in the sky

night view...simply peaceful (most of the time)

there's some smoke there, it comes from the brewery & if you look closely (click the picture to enlarge) you can see the smoke coming up from a chimney. So sometimes you can smell the brewery smell when the wind blows in my direction, which is horrible...smells like those...mmm herbal nasty stuff..too much of it makes me sick -_-