Ashop Commerce

Sunday, September 9, 2007

well with all the e-commerce going on around, you'll definitely need softwares to help you manage your stuff ;)

so i've decided to write something about it, since it's the only one available for me now to write XD

One of the essential softwares you'll definitely need would be -> shopping cart software!
How would anyone go shopping without a shopping cart?? You can but than that would not be ideal for the accounts and the graphs and things like that ^^

It just hit me while typing this out!!! Shopping carts are like one of the most ingenious ideas the business community ever came up with. Let's start with the good side first for the consumers, it makes our lives easier. We don't have to carry all those goods around while shopping =D
Than comes the good side for the money makers, people tend to buy more when they have a shopping cart with them!! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself...when you're pushing the cart, you can just grab things off the shelves and throw it in BUT when you're only holding it in your hands, you tend to buy less. For OBVIOUS reasons, you don't have so many hands to hold the stuff ^^

I know I know...all those who study business and those knots have known it a long time..but hey I don't study business..of all places I'm in pharmacy =p

Anyway with Ashop Shopping Cart, you get to test it out for 10 days FREE. So you can give it a try and if you don't like it than you can just try others =) I'd suppose it really depends on your needs and do a bit of read up here and there. They've also won this award by Fuji Xeror last year.

So if you're earning money online, should definitely check this software out to generate more $$

Remember though there are bigger things than just earning $ for yourselves =)