Island of Cumbrae - part 2

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

in the trailer having a scottish-warming time ^^

actually showing you the trailer instead of khai yong. A very nice cozy place


the whole bunch of us in this small trailer
the 2 scottish lady who has such a dear heart for us all =D
can't seem to rotate the pic just tilt your head instead

pushing the bike up the hill ain't an easy job PLUS it was raining

tht is how steep the hill is

exhausting, need a break who cares if it's raining anymore..

showing off

just like the fern-leaf advertisement (ages ago!) in Malaysia

oook story time! ^^
first off, photobucket multiple uploader ain't working for I'd have to manually upload the pics one by one..which is tedious on one of those pics of enlargement and than you can go to my photobucket to see other pics ^^

Island of Cumbrae is a small can just hire a bicycle and circle it within an hour or so. There's also a hill which gives a pretty good view of the whole island (that is what I heard, I was at the top but it was on)

started off as nice windy day..but was warned that it might just rain. Not a problem though over here in Scotland, rain is not like Malaysia, where it literally pours. Most of the time its just light showers =) which is nice ^^

but than as we were cycling up, the showers turned into yea as you can see in the post below...i was pretty much soaked in the shoes..thank GOD my jacket was water proof so my body wasn't too wet...but my hands were freezing!!

managed to get ourselves to the top...than i was beside a car with 2 ladies inside..they were reversing, so I just smiled at them. The lady wind down her window and ask, would you like me to give you a lift? I said no, cause there were 4 of us together and her car wouldn't fit all of us in. I can't possibly abandon my mates there =p

than she said come on in first and warm up, get your mates in also..i was like ok than cause I was freezing! So I popped in asked my mates to cram in as well. Than she said, why not I bring you all over to my trailer and than I'll come back with one of you to pick up those bikes?
I was like cool! Since there's few of should be alright. She can't possibly kidnap us or something. haha seriously i was also thinking about our safety ^^

so drove us to her trailer, dropped my mates off and I went back to collect the bikes. She was sooooo nice btw her name is Gwen (the other lady...just slipped my mind hungry..need some food) know those bikes were wet & dirty but Gwen didn't mind at about KINDNESS

tell me how many of us would do that?...willing pick up some strangers and let them dirty your car???? even I might not do that!! Me being honest here ;)

long story short: she ended up taking up all my mates into her food for us, towels to dry ourselves, socks too!! and cloths!!!

this literally demonstrates that there is GOOD people around!! Newspapers should publish more of stories like these...instead of bad news all the time -_-

How can I ever deny that God's hand is upon my life? that through me my mates are all blessed. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Even though circumstances might tell me otherwise but I choose to believe and will hold on to the promises given to me! After all through my 22 years of experience He has never fail me =D

I hope to hear from her again that I too may return a kind favor.

I've open up my eyes a bit more through this experience and may I too be as kind as these 2 ladies when the need is before me