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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

heya mates

see if u wanna post up any info regarding the above ...much appreciated =)
esp if u receive parcels every month or so!~

Q from junior
Neways, I got a few questions about mailing stuff to glasgow..Previously I asked u about it before, but I still have some other questions...;P
My sis-in-law is an air stewardess and she'll be flying to london end of may.
So she'll be helping me to mail some stuff by air from london to glasgow.
Problem is, I don't have my address yet. So how would it be possible for her to mail it to my place?
Or should I use my senior's address first?
But u guys are also moving out from the flat soon right?

I just need to know how to mail my stuff there and when it reaches the village office, will it be safe to leave it there for a few weeks till i arrive?

welp best would be that ur sis post it as late as possible...than you gotta make sure that the parcel doesn't require your signature to receive it...because if not than u'll have to go to the post office to collect it..and its quite a bit of distance to carry a big box~

yea you can leave at the village office...and than collect it when you arrive...put in a note to inform them would be good too..
my batch mates might post up some other useful info as well..i don't ship things no idea..hehe


Anonymous said...

is it necessary for us to wear black formal shoes for pp3 (for girls)?

Fionna Tan said...

not necessarily black...but getting black would be handy for jobs as well (if u're planning to work) ..but a formal shoes is required

Anonymous said...

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Fionna Tan said...

ermm thanks :)