Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the 3 sisters, Glencoe, Scotland

I had one of the best trips ever to the Highlands.
Was away for the weekend =) on the 4th - 6th April 2008.
Basically stayed in Inverness and than went around to loads of places...met the most amazing people and some turned into buddies =D

life long bonds were forged...

loads of amazing pictures and lots of crazy laughters!!!
a wacky bunch of mates + wacky fionna tan = complete wacky-ness!!

we compliment each other so well...that I'm amazed!! haha our cheeky-ness and wacky-ness just fueled each others traits =D

just one of the wacky stuff that we did~

the tree idea was brilliant!! climbed loads of trees and took lots of photos...had a whole great deal of laughter!! I bumped my head on this tree and one of my mates fell of a tree and we were all in stitches!! ahh the brilliant idea was instigated none other than myself! haha

a rare decent photo!!

loved the trees XD