current setting

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

-living life in the library-

smooth black mac with a glowing white apple

wooden table with 6 chairs, 3 at each side

papers all about the table..but not too messy

a sliver sony vaio opposite me

a bright pink packet of Wrigley's Extra: strawberry flavor (flew all the way from Hong Kong = thanks to my pal =)

fossil watch, ring, bangles sitting on my right

Biopharmacy 5 opened right before me

test pads written

more than occasional crazy laughters

2 hours later

papers sprawled all over the table
hair ruffled
boredom sets in


breathes...just a few more weeks...just a few more weeks


Gordon said...


btw, what happened to Monkey?

Fionna Tan said...

eh? what monkey?

u mean the key chain??'s still nicely hanging on my bag ^^

love it! haha