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Monday, April 21, 2008

Questions posted by ka keat. Will post up reply soon...
mates feel free to post your answers in as well =D

wanna ask several questions for our preparation to Strathclyde:
1. do we need to bring over any certificates or any photostated certified copies of them??
2. If yes, which certs specifically & what do we need them for??

3. pillows & mattress will be provided rite? i plan to bring a set of pillow case & bed sheet the dimension for both these items the same with those we can find here in Malaysia??

4. duvet cover seems to be to bulky & heavy for i'm not bringing over any..ok rite??

5. if i wanna bring dry food like those herb packets & dried it advisable to keep them in my checked-in luggage?? or is it better if i put in hand luggage? will the personnel ask me to take out to check?

6. for working purpose, how many sets of white/black shirts i need ar? is it ok if i buy over there? or shud i bring 1 or 2 over?
7. I've a bow tie i need them??

8. U mentioned in ur notes given to us early this sem that we need Vitamin C?? why ar?? food there lacks vitamin C ar??
9. then how much vitamin C do u suggest us to bring? we cant possibly get 1 year supply to bring over wor....

Your questions are pretty valid in my opinion...since I recall asking silly stupid Qs before I came here as well...haha

- no certs required even if it's for work...just depends what kinda work you're getting ..most of my batch mates are in they hire temp staff

- i didn't bring any and just took over from the seniors..but it's good that if you bring one set over as well XD advisable even by me...don't bother with duvet covers you can just buy them might be cheaper back home but here got better designs I think =)

- bed same size...although a bit small for my liking...sigh..i used to have a queen size bed..not i got only a fraction of a bed! -_-

- any food stuff place it in the check-in luggage..easier

- you just need 1 cukup d la of working clothes...don't forget you need a set of formal clothes for PP3 and than for graduation ball...or you can opt to buy them here...I don't think it's that expensive la especially during sale

- Vit C for your immune system...cause your body is adapting to the environment and you're gonna be stressed just bring a bottle or two...than you can buy them here...

any Qs....just feel free to drop me an email and I'll post it up that other seniors can reply to it as well =)

enjoy your hospital attachments!!! Esp the ones in Seremban!! If you are staying there...siok go for midnight movie!! haha

juniors don't forget that your seniors will be graduating!~ Getting them a present will be pretty good =D

ahem ahem



khaiyong said...

1. I didnt use the cert I photocopied at all, but still no harm bringing.
2. I would bring photocopies of my passports, letter of acceptance and academic documents since spm.
3. You can bring your pillow case and bed sheet over, as from what I realised guys tend to have alot of free space in their luggage. You can buy duvet cover here as cheap as malaysia (and pillow cases as well if needed).
5. I would check in the herbs. You can get dried mushrooms over here 10 pounds for 1 kg. Until now I still have leftovers (shared by 4 housemates)
6. Working agencies are quite strict about the quality of your black/white shirts. (i.e. your black might not be 'black' enough). You can buy working clothes here for about 5 pounds a piece. However, you need formal clothes for PP3. So bring a black pair of slacks and you can use it for work as well. Strictly black leather shoes for work. You won't need a bow tie.

8. Fruits and vegetables are cheap. If you really must just bring a small bottle of vit C.

I will be posting more advice on my blog soon.(especially for guys)

Anonymous said...

no offense but why wouldn't the pillow case n bed sheet dimensions be the same? we're in scotland, not another planet la..

Anonymous said...

they sell vitamin C here my dear you don't have to bring a year's supply..don't worry too much, you can't bring the whole malaysia here.

aLLy said...

just a piece of advice..
u can bring ur dried foodstuff over, if u think u would really need them, but honestly, there are a few chinese grocery stores here where u can get them, though they're definitely more pricy.But these stores sell everything that u need, as though ur back home!
There are tonnes of maggi mee sold here, so please i urge all of not bring any maggi mee over! xD
regarding mattress size, the mattress here are slightly smaller than the ones back home. so no worries if u bring ur bedsheets from home, it would fit perfectly well!
other than vitC, u would definitely need anything that would boost ur 'energy' for studying.=) try Pharmaton caps, or Spirulina tabs..haha! it has brought me this far u see.xD

Anonymous said...

is it necessary for us to wear black formal shoes for pp3?