kitchen fire~

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

well....since all of us are forced to go into the kitchens now...and soon enough when we get our own homes....we have no choice but to stay in the kitchen longer....goes the same for males

this clip could prove handy on how to put off a kitchen fire ...anything that is started by oil = never pour water on it

recalling the scene where...alicia and pf was in the kitchen...alicia placed her curry puffs in the grill...and when she opened was on fire...haha pretty funny though...and than she was like call didn't want to open the door coz it might just trigger the fire alicia blew the fire out!~ lol she will definitely have enough breath to blow off 100 candles XD a rainy day....rained the whole day...just like back home when it was the monsoon season...only thing doesn't flood around here and they don't have thunderstorms or lighting as well

at last..tonight i'm gonna be done with introduction..just left back the last part...and than moving on to methods and results and discussion.....*faints*


aLLy said...

oi! dont la memalufy my face! still single n available!
it wasnt my was the grills fault! haha. thank goodness i dint trigger the fire alarm >.<"
lesson learnt: dont grill your curry puffs. not at least at JBC! LOLS

Fionna Tan said...


ok la next round i shall promote your singleness and availability-ness to everyone whose reading this blog laa