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Saturday, March 29, 2008

well this post is related to the previous post Class Photo, since my buddy posted a comment on it...I might as well post up a blog on the reason of my reply ^^

hmm...although i didn't really fancy much the first photo wasn't simply cause i wasn't in it...but more towards that.....
so this shall be my thought trigger of what i've learned and gone through

whatever you do in life echoes through eternity

see a lot of people just tend to look at the surface of things that occurs simply because we are humans...we can't see through the hearts of man, only God can see through the hearts of man. we tend to judge by what we see most of the time and not by what we know. thus we assume a lot and we only know a little.

when you do good, others think that you have other intentions

we live in such a time where we always think that other people have other intentions apart from good....fortunately or unfortunately i happen to be naive most of the time, thinking of the good of people and forsaking the bad

welp...enough of my gibbering, for those who understands understands for those who don't don't

the photo of the first one (read the other post) contradicts my personality of love-being-in-the-centre-of-attention but represents the reality of what i do in my life, all across the board

but let's talk about this photo = this are of my life in which i have spent in on = Uni life

like i've said, the first photo contradicts my personality but represents my entire life in Uni of why i do the things i do

i've got a few batchmates that have asked me, why trouble yourself doing all these things?? Should just do it for yourself..
MK also stated to me before, Fionna you are doing too much for these people
some of my mates told me before, you bring on trouble and work upon yourself..since i go round complaining/moaning to them haha...i am just simply the type where i like to speak my mind out...i don't fancy keeping things in my head be it good or bad...and of course i only do that to friends in whom i trust...because they know me enough that i just need to keep my head straight by doing just that

most of the time..i just jokingly reply them..or don't at all

well my reasons are gain fame

haha =p

but if you've known me well enough...that wouldn't be the answer since i don't claim any 'glory' to my own name and i make it a point not to either...although i tease my mates with it ^^

i simply do it because i believe that the strong should help the weak...since i'm capable of it why not?
i simply do it because i believe it is worth doing for them...since some I call my friends and some are my batchmates
i simply do it because i believe in doing to others what you want others to do to you
i simply do it because i want to
i simply do it because i care
i simply do it because i have the betterment of everyone in mind
i simply do it because i like seeing people happy
i simply do it because Jesus told me to love everyone

are there times when i get frustrated?
of course...since i've already done so much yet people still expects more even when i don't have to do it and i'm doing it out of my freewill
of course...since sometimes what i do doesn't seem enough and not even some appreciation but worst got criticized instead

but's part of's part of growing up...
in life you'll meet all kinds of people...and you just can't let everyone affect or dictate your life...
life is all about choices
you can't choose the situations but you can always choose your reactions =)

i just get better at what i'm doing
given the avenue to do something
being entrust to do something
given the opportunity to change someone's life for the better

at the end of it's all about the people....i'm in the people business...and people matters....
so it's worth it =)

He too thought it was worth it when on the wooden cross He was nailed
Knowingly some would reject Him
Knowingly some would scorn at Him
Knowingly some would accept Him
Knowingly some would love Him
Obedience to the cross
He bought me my eternal life
He gave me hope
He gave me a second chance
And in return just for Him, anything and everything is worth it