P105: PP3

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

heya mates

as all of us are working our bums of doing the write-up...all d best...just a few more days...hang in there....no matter what ..we shall finish it!! *thinks: how to finish man..this is crazeee* hehe

anyway i've taken the liberty to email the mpharm co-ordinator ...as i was attending the student staff meeting earlier on...and talked to carol about PP3...so below is an excerpt of what i wrote...if u all have any queries and want to email him personally...go ahead =)

one of the most annoying dumb subjects ever...and i have to resit it in May -_-

On behalf of the students, I would like to bring up to your attention regarding the course subject, Pharmacy Practice 3 (PP3).

As you would already know that the passing rate for the recent PP3 resit in January was at the bare minimum. Although the pass/fail status have yet to be finalized by the board of examiners, we do hope that in the event that students fail, a session to fully prepare the students for the next resit be scheduled. And the session should cover all aspects of the exams. Even though we have learned it before, do give us the benefit of doubt that it has been quite awhile since we practice it, furthermore most of us do not have any prior exposure to a pharmacy setting and the daily dealings of it.
We do hope that a standardized marking scheme be given to us as well, so that we know exactly what we ought to do or not to do. As this would definitely help us pass.

Some comments on the subject, in our opinions, the reason why the failure rate is so high in this subject is due to the fact that, there is no standardized teaching throughout the tutorials. As different pharmacist/lecturers would come in, each of them have their own opinion on what can be done and deemed acceptable. Plus there is not a proper protocol in which everyone adheres to. Although there is a one to one feedback, this is done when all the students do a prescription and approach the pharmacist to get it mark. In role play fashion.
This is where the discrepancies come in, most of the times students are told different things by different pharmacist and on different occasion.

It is quite evident from the passing rate, that there are some issues in this subject.

Another thing that I would like to bring up, prior to our resit in January, some of the IMU students did make a request to use the PP3 labs to run through certain prescriptions but they were not allowed to. Apparently some of the home students were allowed to do so.

We do hope that you will take this matter into much consideration.