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Sunday, December 30, 2007

with time gaining it's speed
fionna tan is now on a frantic search to find ways to boost her income XD

anyway I need some good startup model and plan to take advantage of the high speed internet to do so =D

so currently I'm checking out some forex (doing the trial version first to get a hang of it) and checking out Bux to see whether it works or not if you don't mind you can tag along with my ride and join Bux so that I could get a faster payout XD..and if it works that it's good for the all of us!~

so far the only good one that I know off is Smorty (refer to banner on the right) and I've earned a good amount out of it ^^ check out my labels --> $$ ka-ching $$ those are all the post that I've written and have earned about USD70

so now I'm in the midst of finding out a few more to generate a constant $$$$ so that I can earn a good start up cash to play around with =D


khai said...

how bout getting a job? lol

Fionna Tan said...

haha..i already have a job ^^

plus with a job you can only do so much :D