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Friday, December 28, 2007

I know I still owe you guys a whole ton of pictures...hehe...from my research lab, Comrie and now Christmas pics hehe

reason is: my card reader got lost during my flights here to Scotland, as we had to empty our laptop bags in the airport..which was pretty dumb. They should have told us earlier, as I was not prepared to empty my bag so many times!
Thus for those of you who plan on flying with your laptop, do make sure that it can be easily removed.
So without my own card reader I have to depend on others to get my pics into my mac...probably mac should consider having an inbuilt card reader?...anyhow in another week's time I'm gonna have my own card reader!~ whoo hoo

back to my topic~

christmas tree by ~fioArt on deviantART

Fionna Tan had the best christmas ever away!!!!!! whhooooo hooooo!!
I celebrated Christmas with my self-adopted family *grins* in Houston, Scotland...(yes Houston in Scotland, not where the Rangers are Julian)
Anyway my skin is not that thick to self-adopt haha they are simply my family here :D

Christmas was with the whole family all around the table, with huge amounts of good food laid out ^^ top it crackers on the table! I was too preoccupied with either eating or playing to snap up good pictures -_-
what to do, I wanna be in everything...hehe
Plus I didnt had anything to eat the whole day, as I went to church early cause I followed my friend. As in Glasgow, THERE IS NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION during Christmas Day. -_- Don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Good cause everyone can be with their families...bad because for people like me who does not own a car, how am I suppose to go places?
With the whole city being abandoned, no wonder the suicide rates increase dramatically during this period. Everyone is off doing their own family thing...

But I got some shots of the house =D, you'll love it!! A typical country Christmas setting ^^ with a fireplace and all!!
Brilliant brilliant!
by the way, I slept at 6pm and woke up at it's 2am...I wanna go and sleep after I finish this blog ^^

Anyway, I helped out a bit for the christmas dinner...since there's nothing good on TV and I can't sit still ^^ we had our dinner and cracker pullings! it was good fun! after finishing dinner, we proceed to open up our presents...or was it before dinner?...I can't remember haha...I only slept for 3hours that night...
oh i got super cool presents too! from my godparents ^^
i got a really nice pen, a super antique art book by John Canaday (ORIGINAL) about 50years old and a Welsh chocolate =D

we ate a whole lot of chocolates during my stay dere...never ate so much choc in my entire life! ..all sorts of chocolates! hehe

had a blast of a time..staying dere...watching TV...I chopped firewood!!! ^^ and I lit the fireplace!! (together with the pro of coz haha..who else but the dad of the house? ^^)

btw my blogs are just a fraction of my life...can't possibly be blogging everything here =) like what my buddy Ivy said, you need to keep somethings of yourself for some people ^^

ahh I love my life! and everything that comes along with it! Ultimately because God is good :)

oh yesterday night, I was just this close *fingers touching with nails apart* yea that close to watching I Am Legend, starring Will Smith..but we went around Glasgow, 6 cinemas in all and all the tix were sold out -_- what a major bummer!

Well it's been 6months that I've been away from my family...and after all those months..being around my family here ..really makes me think how blessed it is for those who have a family with them. Simple things such as riding in the car together, with your dad driving..I nearly forgot how that feels..till yesterday night...having mum cooking breakfast for you while you just sit and watch TV...annoying your siblings every now and than...having your parents to nag you (well maybe I don't miss that part that much..hehe)..being together with your family, knowing full well that they will always welcome you in...

ahhh i live a blessed life!

anyway I just scrolling through my pics in my camera...i seriously need a good camera that can get good indoor shots!!! ...i need a higher end camera ^^ with the exposure to better cameras....I desperately need one...haha...but basically i just need one with a wide angle lens and one with a powerful flash and with a high shutter speed for now ^^...wide angle to get good panaromic view of scenaries...powerful flash for indoor..and high shutter speed to get the mood/emotions of people ^^

yup yup...i've decided that is what i want...another camera! =D
now to see which camera I want..hehe

christmas is simply the best ever! coz it's just like home =)


~ming~ said...

there are 6 cinemas in Glasgow??

haha anyways, just wanna say thanks for the card! it really made my day *grins*

Happy New Year!


Fionna Tan said...

yup...but you need a car to like travel to them la...all kinda far apart..hehe

you're welcome =D

to a great 2008!!!!