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Monday, December 24, 2007

at last!!!! I've done all my Christmas cards =D

every card was written with the person in mind
every card is special and unique, individualized
each card that was written brings up the person's image
their smiles and the good times we share
than once again I realized what a blessed life i've got!
filled with friends and great people
this journey called life won't be alive at all if it wasn't for the people around me

yet there's just so many people far away
whom I was not able to write a card or send
far they may be but so close to my heart

thus i have learned to say the good things about people when I've got the opportunity for sometimes the person may just not ever come my way again
just as there's a season for every person in my life
so i must treasure the people i have
for how so very important everyone is!

A merrry merry merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

An extra special Christmas wish to
My Tan Family! Mum & Dad & Grandad & Grandma, my siblings! my elder bro n wife: Ryan&Sharon, my lil bro: Ronald & my in-law bro: Jason Teoh

My childhood buddies: Ivy SeHoo (to which we're gonna grow old together), Ivan SeHoo (the man among us? =p ya lots), Michelle Ong (my super talented-gonna-be-the-next-great-designer buddy)

My primary school mates: SRJK (C) Lai Meng --> the best time ever of my childhood life! Especially those whom we have studied together for the last 6 years in the same class!!! What great memories especially with my buddies in the bus! Uncle bus~
The greatest teachers who have taught me!

My highschool mates: SMK Datok Lokman --> Met a good few buddies =) Great people to pass those boring days..hehe...
Special teachers who dedicated their lives to teaching

My college mates: Taylors College, KL --> My ever crazy buddies, Marky, Carlos, Dennis...what great days!!! Doing all kinds of crazy wacky things...having sooo many friends all around!!!
Raveen: You always catch me at the wrong timing -_-
Chew: my buddy cum bro
One of the bestest years of life!!

My Uni mates: IMU, Bukit Jalil --> one of the greatest time of my life!~ :)

Most of all, Soaring Eagles --> I am who I am today would be because you guys and girls have played a really big part in it =) For that I am ever grateful! You're all such a blessing!

To those whom our paths have crossed, be assured that you have made a difference in my life =) friends or foes nonetheless, you have made me a better person in life!

God is good!!


Mini Mei said...


Thanks loads for the christmas card!
It was so thoughtful of you to handwrite every card!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Fionna Tan said...


was my pleasure~