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Sunday, December 16, 2007

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hey fionna! Flora here. How're you doing over there? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me.
Just wanna ask some questions regarding telco service and handphones in the UK
  1. How's the telco service in Scotland? Is it expensive and is it worth using? I heard they use contract system, like if you sign a one-year contract with a certain amount of payment each month, and they'll give you a latest handphone and a number of free smses and a number of free calling minutes within UK per month. Is the contract worth it or are the packages good? 'cos it's like we're paying for the phone in the end but we get the free smses and calls. What if you were to tour around Europe, then you can't use the handphone?
  2. I heard calling cards are cheaper than telco service. So should we forfeit telco service and use calling cards to call back Malaysia instead? Do you use handphone there in Glasgow? Since you have room to room intercom, I'm thinking maybe there's no need for handphone
Sorry about the loso questions. 'Cos I wanna get a new handphone. Deciding whether I should get it here first or get the free one in UK with contract. Anyway UK handphones can be used in Malaysia right?

Sorry cos my questions are messy too. Haha. So travelled anywhere or part-timed anywhere? How's the experience? Update me and good luck with your studies~


Alas my long awaited reply! hehehe ^^
been really busy...done with it's the lab and than Christmas!!!~

To sum it up for you,
basically depending on the package you get, the free call time and smses will vary.
the more you pay or the better package you get, the better phone, more call time and more smses.
I personally think that it's not worth it, to spend money on the telco over here cause it's generally more expensive. Plus the fact that I get to skype with my parents like everyday...I don't bother with calls.
I'm currently just using a prepaid, and my prepaid package comes with 300 free smses which last for a month till I top it up. So it's good for me cause I text my scottish mates quite a lot.

You won't be calling or texting your own batchmates that much after all...the fact that all of us are hooked up on the net, you can just MSN each other. Or give a call through the phone from your room.

You can get roaming through the UK network, however it is quite expensive. It would be much cheaper if you were to have your M'sian line and use it while you travel. But it's all up to you, because maintaining a M'sian line is not cheap either.
I'm using Maxis, and it cost RM60 a month to maintain it (excluding usage)

These two below are the most popular amongst us:-

Most of us got it from here
the shop is called carphone warehouse, they have loads of you can just rummage through the site and find what you need.

Some phones are cheaper here compared to back you can look up the site.
They have lots of different offers and stuff...look through the site, it should answer all your pertinent questions :)

Call cards are pretty handy and reasonable...£5 for about 600mins or something (very likely I am wrong, cause I don't use it..hehe) but yea it's quite cheap....maybe it's 300mins

You would still need a handphone, if you want to work...people need to contact you...if you plan to make some new friends??? (which is highly advisable to do so..that's like one of the main reasons you are studying here...pretty pointless if you came all the way here and not make a single new scottish friend~)

Whether or not the phones can be used back home, gotta check which model and stuff...most of them can be 'unlock'

Points to consider whether you want to get a contract or not:-
- are you willing to spend at least £15/month on phone bill (£15 won't give you lots of choices, refer to website)
- do you need to actually call back? Other alternatives possible? skype, call cards
- extra cash to spare?

super sleepy d...anything else regarding phones...just post it under comments :)
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