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Saturday, December 15, 2007

welp in regards with me being so lazy...I've decided to scour through some papers and develop some reading materials ^^

since it's in softcopy..i might as well share it :)

Chapters that are being examined: (for the sake of you juniors :)
Time-delayed oral drug delivery
Routes of Admin: Pulmonary Route
Dermal & Transdermal

2002 stuff
paper 1
paper 2 (updated)
paper 3

2003 stuff
paper 1
paper 2

2004 stuff
paper 1 (updated left out a part)

feel free to share ^^
sharing is caring --> whoever has any additional info or if there's some mistakes do let me know :)

all the best ppl!~


ti3nD said...

nice! ;)

Fionna Tan said...


got 2 papers updated..do get the updated version k ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fionna for being so selfless sharing good stuff that can help others...If only there is more of you =p

Fionna Tan said...

lol...you're very much welcome ^^ as long as I don't meet the other one of me...I'm fine with the existence of another me XD

I think everyone can only have one Fionna present in their lives...haha either that they will go bonkers and go on a hunt to eliminate the other one =p

Fionna Tan said...

error corrected: 2002 paper 2 (updated)

- swelling of a polymer plug & ejection of hydrogel plug

both are Pulsincap by McNeil et al ^^

thks Hazel for notifying!~