christmas rush!~

Thursday, December 20, 2007

with my table full of christmas cards...and the time ticking away...a time to blog is hard to find but nonetheless to my avid readers, I must make time for them too ^^

so before I forget: MERRY CHRISTMASSSS!!! to all of you whose reading my blog!~ :)

this year is gonna be my very first Christmas away from home BUT indeed it's gonna be one of the best!!! haha =) all I can say God is good!

tomorrow I'm off to Comrie for a Christmas house party and will be back on Sunday~
gonna have an awesome time seeing a different part of do wait for my pictures to be up!!

btw one of my photos of the Transport Museum got selected to be featured in one of the albums that's promoting Scotland ^^ pretty cool huh?

let's see...this week was pretty hectic too...cause I still had to go to labs -_- I'm getting a wee bit bored cause I'm doing TLC plates..for like the 6th time! Doing the same thing all over again..ain't exactly that fun..though I'm getting pretty good at it!

the sales have started in quite a few's crazy...I didn't even dared to buy anything today...haha...cause I just might not stop =p

anyway I've got 2 new pairs of shoes!! haha (and what was it of not daring to buy anything?) and a baselayer shirt ^^

the temperature is freaking cold! but NICE wakaka...and it's gonna snow!! wheeee

I got a merrell goretex: black lime lemme go grab the pic of somewhere

there you go ^^ well...tiso had their clearance sale so I got it for only £45 (RP£80) i wanted to get another pair instead..but the sizing wasn't right -_-

and my other pair of shoes from ebay
ben sherman bob trainers ^^

I only got it for £18 plus including shipping =) RP £45 - £60
wheee haha gonna be some wacky sales!!

Oh my parents have done a whole lot of shopping for me!!! muwahahha...they went to Vietnam, Thailand, China =D
So i'm having a whole new wardrobe!! wheeeee ...about time cloths are wearing off -_-

Ok...back to writing my cards ^^
I've decided to WRITE ( not just sign) a christmas card to all of my batchmates ^^
It's the last Christmas that I'll be in Uni..and I've been studying with them for like 3years?! They're the best bunch of people ever making us the best batch ever :) P105 rocks!~