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Monday, December 3, 2007

This has got to be one of the best ideas ever that dawned XD

So for those of you who have been following my posts...you would have known that officially my dinner entourage has started and my oh my...it's superb-erly brilliant!!! haha
Food is one thing and laughters are another!!!

This dinners would serve as a good memory point next time when we get back together again (esp after we graduate and start to work...with kids and all for some ;)

Food and laughters must definitely go together I'd say!!

I will definitely have some very interesting post to post up later on...haha...I still can't get my head around laughing.. :D

what a beautiful life!~ when we start to just simply live it and leave the rest to God: I for one am indeed learning =)

Some of the dinners are without pictures (unfortunately) as we were to busy gobbling up everything and than laughing later on XD

Ever tried coffee chicken? produced by Pei Ling's (hope I get her name right XD
Simply finger licking good!~
According to her:
coffee and sugar --> cook it till its sticky --> than use it to marinate the chicken for about a day (to really get the flavor in I suppose) --> than just cook it. SIMPLE
you can add in other stuff according to your taste buds ^^

ahh I'm having soo much good food! It can simply just beat Malaysia anytime =p haha oh well..I'm gonna be here for God knows how long (literally) so I gotta perk myself up ^^

having dinner with different people is like one of the best things on earth =)

btw juniors if you ever get bored...just randomly get a date with another house and have dinner ;D just make sure you have someone who can talk and create conversations along :) = like ME haha


LiNg@hCmM said...

Fionna Tan!! Grr... Batchmates for 3 years dy lu masih tak tau whether I am Pei Ling or Paik Ling or Pek Leng????? OUCH!!!!! sedih-nye... at least I know ur "fionna" is with two "n", OK? Wuwuwu... T_T

Nyway, recipe jugak salah!! Haha.. Should marinate the chic overnite first, then pan fry the chic, then add in the marinating sauce and finally cook till sticky la.. Haha... (--")

But glad that u, as a great cook urself, enjoyed it.. *proud* Ngek ngek ngek... =D

Fionna Tan said...

lol minta maaf ya...sudah terlalu banyak nama nama nak ingat...

aku sudah tua...tak macam dulu...ingatan pun sudah jadi rusty tau ^^


ahh pan fried the chic first...haha..didn't recall you telling me that =p