cards n cards

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Daddy used to bring back all the Christmas cards he got from the office, loads and loads of them.
Some were very pretty, with all the nice designs on it...
But usually inside the card, it will just have a signature or stamp or computer printed name of the giver...nothing really personal.

I was just scrolling through David J. Pollay's site, wanting to find something of interest to post it up my blog. For I had a few people commenting on how it changed their percepts and made their lives better =) and for that it just makes it worth while ^^

I was reading through this article, 'Real Thanksgiving is personal, right doLinkwn to the smudged signature'. It is very true but somewhat a bit sided for the receiver's point of view.

From the giver or sender's point, it is true that everyone who gives out cards and all should make it personal. It reflects on how much you value the receiver.
But from the receiver's point, the receiver should always give the benefit of doubt, making your life happier and fulfilled. You can't always expect so much of people for the sake of you but instead if you meet above the expectations of people, you will find that your heart's desires will be granted (in the process of giving the best to others)

Main thing in life, everything must have a balance. Never go to the extreme of either end because a balanced life will eventually balance out everything.
Same goes for health ^^

And you know what's best with all those cards that daddy brings back? We getta decorate our house with all those lovely cards! And indeed daddy must have done something to be included on those list!~ Ain't he something? ;)