chinese teas

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fionna's ever brilliant brain has churned out one of the best ideas of all time!
haha yea yea i know...i'm full of myself research project: Chinese Tea ^^
so I'm pretty much a good amateur on the subject, as I've been reading loads n loads n loads n loads of it =)
YOU are soo gonna want to read my paper because it's written in Fionna's style =D and after reading my paper you are just gonna be as good as me in regards to Chinese Tea =)

I should have been done with it long time ago but I keep editing it, adding my flavor into a science paper...ahh tough work!

for the past 2 hours I've been facebooking! Messaging peeps which I haven't heard for ages!! So yea...doing my part of connecting with people ^^

anyway drinking chinese tea is seriously good for your health =D and picking it up as a hobby is not such a bad thing either!~ I'm planning to do that I've written early..oh I'm focusing in particular to green tea and white tea :D

white tea??
yup..tell you later what's white tea all about laa

this article was inspired by amanda lim wei yin who asked me what was my research project about ^^ which is I don't havta repeat myself a gazillion times to everyone who ask XD