back to my roots

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thank God!~ I think I have got the perfect research project!!!~~ XD

reading articles and websites and journals (soon enough) regarding chinese tea. ^^

one of my fav. drink and the art of it all, intrigues me

mm next time I wanna be an all time tea drinker XD, master the art and all :D

reading more about China, appreciating it ever more ^^

can't wait for the day when I step foot onto the land of my ancestors~ whee

oh dad & mum got new phones :)
dad's phone is superb man: HTC TyTN II cunted!~
i'm a techie person ^^ love gadgets of all sorts

mum got a new sony ericson ...don't know which one d =p
i'm not into phones tht much only those super cool ones XD

both phones are a blessing! cool huh? God is cool =D