Tuesday, November 6, 2007

welp these are some of the stuff which Alicia & PF made for me cause I was sick and still sick -_-

by the way did you know that coughing can build up your abs? these pass few days I've been cou (argh my com is lagginggg i need to restart!!!) coughing till my abs are sore -_-

some rooty chinese herbs from PF (YiJie gave me one pac too)nice stuff though

a really nice Get Well card from Alicia

a really nice porridge from Alicia too with meat floss and some real meat ^^somewhere ard

Alicia rox she made me loads of food ^^

fionna needs more love XD

anyway brilliant to have such good pals around you =)
ahh the blessings in life =D I thank GOd