back in action

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

after being out for a 3 seemed like forever!!

the most rarest things happens to my mac...i wonder why?...not that I ever over worked's meant for multi-tasking after all!~

can you believe that my whole system was corrupted??? lesson learned..when doing major updates..don't do anything else for if your system gets's gotta like transfer your's a good thing though that apples are able to do such a hardisk (where basically your mac becomes like an external hardisk) but it cost me 10pounds!!!! to buy an apple firewire -_- for a mere 0.5m *ka-dish!'s not too bad for a tener ...(i am trying to console myself here)

anyway..rapidshare rocks to the max!!! haha

microsoft office 08' mac just a simple patch will fix it =) {now this is dumb of apple...release a trial version..leaves it to expire and not come up with anything else! that's rubbish!}
ilife 08' =D trying to see whether it works or not ^^
iwork 08" get the trial from apple site...than just some numbers ^^

frankly speaking..thanks to people of geniuses =) 3rd world countries are advancing in knowledge and in return assisting the entire human population in whole =)