thought of it before...

Friday, November 2, 2007

With the ever increasing choice of products available, we (the consumer) are bombarded with 101 goods/products/services to choose from.

Good? Bad?

Well both!!

Good because it gives us more choice and we do not need to succumb to the standards of the manufacturer/seller. It gives us (the consumer) the power to demand standard. We should of course be able to get the best out of everything (of course as long as it matches the value that we are paying for) You can't possibly expect much out of $2 remote control car compared to $30 one. There is a chinese saying that goes, the quality of your product depends on the amount that you are paying for. (yat fun chin, yat fun for) <-- that's in cantonese

Bad because there's just simply too many!! How are we to know what is good or better compared to the rest? Who's to judge? Not all products/services have an organization or an award that can be given to ensure a good standard is provided/produced. Plus you can't use the price to determine how good a product/service is, as it does not apply to everything! Sometimes, a $2 product will work as good if not better compared to a $30 product. <-- that's called a rip-off.

Ever thought of what is the product that is best to cure hemorrhoids?? <-- random-ness

There are dozens of medicines for you to choose from...which one is good? better? worth your $$??

Welp have no fear for this site came up with a great idea (which I had thought of it before =p

They basically allow users (what better way to get an opinion than the users themselves) to review the products. Other sources are also used to determine the quality of the product.

So if you feel like wanting to just increase your general knowledge or to impress your mates by giving them a good choice ^^ browse through the site.