Thursday, November 1, 2007

well apparently my blog has been rejected by payperpost because of late I submitted stuff that are not my own original work..videos and fwds

sheeze...who cares what I put on my blog as after all it is MY blog


everyone is always putting their 'claim' on something...an idea ..so on and so forth...I mean to a certain extend it must be done...best summarized by one of my fav. phrase: Everything must have a balance, go too much on either side and you'll just tip things over...

well anyway I bought two new books on Monday ^^
The Asian Godfathers by Joe Studwell
How to Deal with Difficult People by Dr. Rick Brinkman & Dr. Rick Kirschner

haven't started reading it yet but it sounds pretty good :)

staying in the UK rocks because of Amazon!!! It's CHEAP plus the free delivery is a BIG plus point ^^
anyway...I got those two books for free cause I got this 20pound voucher in Waterstones, so it's cool =)

Just browsing through the book, How to Deal with Difficult People, and this quote was there which is pretty good:
"Communication is like a phone number. If you leave one number out, (only ten percent of the number), the call will not go through. If you dial the area code at the end as an after-thought, the call does not get through. You need all the digits to get through, and you need them in the right order."

oo I should post up a wish list of all the books that I want XD
haha just dozens and dozens and dozens!!
I've got loads of books too at home that I've yet to read it ^^