the bug

Friday, November 2, 2007

today i woke up with my throat a bit sore -_-

went to class nonetheless and slept all the way through ( I wondered why I bothered to go to class anyway) I was just way too tired! No idea why...I've got like 9hours of sleep and yet I just couldn't open my eyes.

went for the next class than went for a meeting.

came back with my head started to ache sorta like ringing type...than went to
sleep...woke up with my throat feeling worst...gurgled salt water drank 2 cups of those chinese stuff....with my throat better but my head sorta like light-headed cum aching cum ringing

darn...getting sick is not fun at all especially when you still need to do stuff on your own -_- i need a butler!~

so this friday nite..well be an early night for going out

dear Lord, I need to have some immune system boost!
I ate like 2g of Vit C ^^

oh let's type something of another topic :) mm maybe later la on the second some stuff first than watch movie than tidur (sleep)