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Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's my 5th month here in Scotland and the first time I fell ill this year.

Ironic, out of a sudden I just got ill and I was feeling fine the day before. Anyway thank God I'm all better now ^^

Yesterday night was baad, my head was pounding, body aching, sweating..the whole deal. Not to mention that my throat was sore XD
Literally dosed myself with Vit. C, I think I got an overdose of it haha. I took like 3g of it ^^ it's those soluble type, fizzy and all. Too good to resist =p

Anyway much better today =)
Alicia made me a very nice lil Get Well Soon card ^^ , currently hanging on one of my shelves. However this morning, PF told me that she went to the doctor this morning cause she's having conjunctivitis -_-
PF made me one BIG bowl of some chinese herbal stuff, those that comes in a sachet form with one 'shun mui'(preserved lime). Good stuff though, taste really nice ^^
will post up pictures later

Welp I'm nearly done with the book, How to Handle Difficult People by Dr. Rick Brinkman & Dr. Rick Kirschner. A rather simple book, easy to understand and relevant. However you do need a lil know-how on how people work in general, in order to gain the most out of this book. As with anything and everything, if you want to improve on certain areas you need more than just one book.

Today is my resting day, and my journal & lecture slides reading day...all too much -_- oh well better start now, if not it would be a disaster as the pile is not shrinking as time goes by XD

ooo I came up with quite a few recipes and made some food...pictures are not up yet though ^^ some of the few: tiramisu, fried potatoes & egg (simple, cheap & pan-licking good!), some new salad ideas :D

will post it up soon enough

oh..i told some of my juniors that I'm gonna post something up in regards to Uni and all...I shall just do it now than ^^

Let's see:
Sem 6
Indeed this would be the toughest semester of all due to the SUPER PACKED timetable & the fact that you need time to settle down and 101 things all going on at the same time.
You are living on pure adrenaline alone =p
We arrived on the 6th June 2007 and 11th June 2007 classes commence.
Your daily routine:
9am class til 12 or 1pm
one hour break (or 2 sometimes) than classes till 5pm
3 days in a week you have labs
2 days in a week you have lectures

Most of the people would be worn out, tired, grumpy, moody, melodramatic. But not too bad la, hehe...as long as you don't lock yourself up in the room and be overwhelmed by it. You'll be fine ^^
Go out, have fun, mix with people, go to church, join the events organized by Jim Wilson (the International Officer), don't worry about academics. Chill out with your seniors while they are still around. And you'll find that you'll actually enjoy your life here in Sem 6. Like ME haha
The more you study, the worst it gets, because there's just simply too much =p
Don't go around telling the lecturers I told you that la =p
But seriously, sem 6 is a time where you say heck to academics and just chill, you'll find that it'll come along. You still need to pass ^^ it takes into account 20% only, so don't worry too much ^^
Failing PP3 is not a big deal, I failed it too..haha..gonna resit in Jan XD so I'll let you know whether I pass it or not. It doesn't take affect your degree but you would still need to pass it. =)

Bottom line for sem 6: relax. enjoy. don't study too much. past year Qs vital. don't stay in your room, even if you don't feel like going out, just go.

oh yea, just go for every class...even if you sleep in them (which I did most of the time haha..and like everyone else) your subconscious mind will still be able to work =p So it's beneficial to just go for the classes.

So that's my thoughts on Sem 6 which I did pretty much enjoyed. But don't intend to go through it again XD. Once is enough hehe
roller-coaster ride ^^

I'll talk about sem 7 later on, since I am in sem 7 now ^^


Lim said...

Woahaha...Sem6 that syok meh?? Today 2nd day of Sem5 ady...sienzz..hols js too short...
Take care & get well soon!! :>

Fionna Tan said...

haha of coz!!~

make sure play kau kau in Sem 5 k!! last sem in IMU d XD

just a wee bit of cough left now =D