China Olympics

Monday, November 5, 2007

I am so prepared to be mesmerized by China when the Olympics are going to be held in Beijing!!

Imagine a whole population who have been cut off from the entire world for ages and now her first grand opening to the world! They can practically dominate the entire world with the best in everything. They've got the numbers and the talents~

Yea sure, they have a lot to learn but chinese learns fast :)

However, the government would really need to look into the upcoming generation and invest a great deal to ensure that they are not just caught up in all its frenzy of the developed world. The 'hollywood' generation has now turned into the 'internet' generation. Where communication break down has emerged as one of the number one problem of our society. While it is good advancement for the country, it must also be balanced.

Every country needs to go through the stags of development, just as every human being needs to go through the process of growth. For every stage holds a lesson to enable us to progress to the next level.

If China play her cards right, chinese will dominate the world soon enough, if not now. As you can see that almost 80% of the products available are made in China. If one day, China were to go on strike, lots of companies would go bankrupt immediately. The one weakness that chinese in general have, would be $$ so thus it is unlikely that the whole nation would be on strike. For indeed somewhere, someone would be bribed.

Things are getting interesting. We are progressing so very fast that gone are the days where I can actually plan what business I want to get into. People keep asking me that questions but I have no solid reply. For businesses emerge and sink so very quickly that in order to succeed I must be able to flow with it until I gain a solid standing and establish a company.

*coughs cough* my train of thoughts have been disrupted and I now must sleep.

Never been prouder to be a CHINESE ^^ chinese rules!! haha
ever wondered why I despised being a chinese when I was young =p all thanks to Hollywood...