Guy Fawkes Day: 5th Nov. 07

Monday, November 5, 2007

ahh a brilliant display!! Pity it was just so short! I thought it would be like 45mins as what my seniors had told me before -_-

Just managed to capture some video shots of it but didn't bother to take the good ones =p

anyway, I'm still busy coughing my lungs up just now (I can't imagine I've picked up the custom here of using 'just now' which means now -_- )

Here are some photo shots that I took, pity I don't have a tripod or a slower shutter speed to capture some good shots :(
Didn't bother to do edit with photoshop, so it's basically raw photos =)

was just trying it out with flash

it's a good take of my friend =)

you can go to photobucket look me up at: fionna_tan to see more pics ^^


oh by the way, Guy Fawkes was actually the guy who wanted to blow up the parliament but failed -_-