Saturday, November 24, 2007

welp the day i wrote that i wanted to change my sleeping habits was the day my biological clock decided to go against it -_-

so for the past 3days...i've been sleeping at 4,5,6am in the morning...woke up for morning lectures...surprisingly I didn't knock out during the lectures ^^

today I won't getta see the sun I've slept at 6plus and woke up about Mr. Sun I don't getta see you today~

Still doing my research bit for the introduction...looks like I'm not getting out of the house today (or rather flat...i miSS HOUSES)

Nose is still congested...but getting better....ears just a wee bit blocked up...not coughing anymore dinner entourage has been going very well indeed!!!! We probably should just all stop studying and open up a restaurant!! are coming up soon when the time is right =p

9 courses I blessed or what?? creative mindset is gonna expand...coz I'm trying out new stuff/recipe..and adding a touch of my tastebuds here n dere XD

GOooooood FOOOOoodddd.brilliant cooooks.great time of fellowship.good laughs.friends.
ahhh life!~

whoever said that life is boring...well that's course they just don't know where to look =p may just be right under their noses XD
sometimes you can't just have everything coming your gotta give first and go looking for it ^^