dinner at Joyce's & Dd's

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fionna's random beef,potato & cheese..it was pretty good I'd havta say ^^
Recipe: sautee onions than add in the beef and cook it, than add salt, pepper, HP sauce, Wochester sauce. Put the cooked stuff into the baking dish, sprinkle mozarella cheese and bake ^^
Joyce: Vietnamese rolls...superb!!

how it looks in the inside

Yi Wern: Brussle sprouts & veggie: sweet & spicy..nicethe purple thing..brinjoule?? sheeze my english is deteriorating..with hei bi(tiny dried shrimps) ...very Malaysian!! spicy! good!

ahh heavenly bee hoon..scrumptious!!! Dd's secret recipe ;)

d birthday girls

d superb cake!! Dd & Joyce briliant idea: tiramisu with brownie!! i need to try tht sometime ..really good =D

Dd's balleys: delicious!! vanilla ice-cream, macaroons, nutss --> yummy

ahh it was indeed a great dinner!! as we celebrated mini mei's & pei yuan's burfday =)

all the sinfully good cooks!!!!! =D LIFE IS GREAT!~
all photos have not been edited..too many pics..and too much work XD my bad =p


tryin to wipe off the food stains after licking the bowl clean



high on endorphins..

oh..and some went a bit whacky after dinner :D


Pepperpourri said...

OMG you're really making my mouth water! Hehe.

Fionna Tan said...

haha you should!! =p
even though you're in M'sia where the food haven is ^^