money money money!~

Friday, November 23, 2007

After looking at all those dollar notes, Donald Trumph's song came to mind...

So what was I looking at? A site called Cash Advance 1500, was trying to figure out what exactly is payday loans again. And yup, now I've got a very clear idea what it means. =)
Basically, you can't wait for pay day to come to have the money at hand because you just need it NOW. So the clever people at Cash Advance, came up with a brilliant plan.

You can take a loan without the hassle and bustle of what loans are traditionally known for. As this is paperless, (the whole reason why we are going towards online and internet) it makes our lives all much easier. Plus save the trees!!

Well as much as it is easy to get payday loans, one must also be wise in spending. Don't go spending what you don't actually have, that is why it is called PAYDAY loan. It allows you to take an early pay first, if you like.

This also saves you the trouble of finding money from everywhere and everyone.
Just a few basic requirements to enable you to qualify for it and you're good to go. Requirements? Of course, a company can't be loosing money can there? If it does, where are you gonna get this loans next time.