at last!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

At long last Smorty came up with a banner =D
whoo hooo!! Now I can proudly put up Smorty's banner on my blog ^^

So what is Smorty?

As you can see all the dollar signs on the banner, it's basically a blog advertising site. Having said that, you get paid to blog. It's so easy! I did about 9 post in total and have made about USD40 plus =D
And each post only needs at least 150 words, so how hard can that be??
Smorty is by far the most reliable site that I personally have come across in this blogging life. However if you do know of any others do let me know ^^
But I think Smorty is the best to blog for money. Cause I've got the cash in hand =D

So if you do want to sign up for Smorty do click on the banner on the right, as this will help me earn in the referral program =) That will be brilliant of you!!! Thanks in advance =D much appreciated!

Some extra pocket money is always good, don't you think? Especially when you are a student!~