I climbed Ben Ledi!!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

muwahahahhaha at lonnng last (of 5 months wait) I getta go hillwalking!!!!! wheeeeeeeee

it was simple ggggrrrrrrreat! XD pictures up tomorrow or day after ^^

view was superb! what an experience!~

so what's hillwalking? and ben what???

hillwalking = pah san (basically mountain climbing)

Ben Ledi?? It's the name of the hill in gaelic (scottish language) which means The Hill of God ^^

oh and if you didn't know 'fiona' is a very scottish name but mine has got an extra N in it...coincidence? ;) time will tell

Ben Ledi is located towards the north of Glasgow, pretty dumb can't get a proper map to show it here -_- should have snap a photo of the map earlier on and it's very near a town called Callender (a very touristy town, so you pretty much can get ripped off for the goods but loads of very nice stuff..too bad i saw the stuff from inside the car only)

It took us about 5 hours of the whole climb (up and down) should be able to get it done faster but it's a good thing too we didn't go up too fast =) gave me a chance to take loads of pics. There were 2 seniors citizens who went up with us, very nice ladies =D so I wasn't left behind..I was like the only one who took shots of different stuff ^^ show show you later on what I took~
We came down the hill pretty quick though, only about an hour plus?

Climbing up was kinda tough I'd suppose as it was pretty steep. And after a week of being sick and not able to go for gym..I was pretty unfit!~ haha
Coming down too fast ain't that good either as it's pretty bad for your knees the impact and all..I nearly got my knee dislocated cause I slipped on some rocks while on my way down but thank God my legs are still working fine ^^

ahh I wanna go for more hillwalks! and picnics! and fishing! and camping! and more country side! mmm I wonder who's gonna have me XD