Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In the midst of writing my 600words/day for today (Tuesday)....and I end up surfing through the sites for cake decorations & deviantart (which totally roxxxxx) XD

600words/day?? Well I gotta finish up my introduction for my research project this week and I need 3000words in total. So I've decided to type out 600 words a day for 5 days (Mon-Fri) to achieve my plan of completion.

Every now and than, I would ponder just a wee while on why am I not in the arty stream of life...the thought just crops up :)

But anyway I can't post up the pics of my trip up Ben Ledi just yet, as there is something absolutely wrong with photobucket -_-'s fun simply engaging in my artistic side!~ No finally be able to see the product and be happy and satisfied with it!~

wheeeeeeeee i just bought my first deviantart product!!!! I just gotta wait for the shirt to arrive XD than I show you all =D wheee wheee wheeee wheee hahahaa