you BETcha~

Thursday, October 4, 2007

there are a lot of different types of entertainment in life and it's good to indulge yourself every now and than =) provided you've worked hard for something essential in life!!

can't possibly be indulging for no reason !? ;p

anyway now that I'm in Scottie, football IS a very BIG thing over here...people are practically crazy over it!~ I've yet to find myself crazy over anything yet except for investments =D which is where most of my life savings goes :) Nothing better than to do invest in something that will never fall =)

anyway there's this online service which enables you to bet anytime, anywhere. Be it football betting or what ever it is that you wanna bet on, bet365 is the place to go (that I know off) hehe
as long as you don't go overboard and get obsessed to it than you're fine...everything in life needs to be in moderation! Even in health!! I'm a soon to be healthcare professional and that you would be my tag line for the profession :)

as long as you take betting as an entertainment and just spend a bit on it than it's's like going to the arcade to gotta put a limit towards it...don't go put your whole life's saving in it and than blame me for that. Gotta learn to play smart and have fun! You loose some and you win some...that's life! You can't be winning all the time, cause it'll get into your head and it won't be good for you :)

anyway this bet365 has basically everything you need, I'd suppose hehe..comes in all the major languages in the world that's what I call catering to the needs of your customers!
so scroll around, have some fun and call it a day! Remember the money is meant for entertainment, don't think about winning anything in return!! What you get in return is the entertainment =)