a new sem

Thursday, October 4, 2007

well it's been nearly a week now into my new semester.

Semester 7

classes have been quite a lot so far...(munching away on my apple now...since I came here I took a fancy on green apples..granny smith apple...yummy:)

this whole week itself...I've been going out everyday -_- fun but tiring at the same time...the condition of my room is getting messier...I shall have to repack it soon...I can't stand the mess...

i've became quite a neat & tidy person (always have been at certain points hehe) since there is no one to clean up after me -_-

mmm sleep deprived...i miss sleeping...i was looking through this article today..where it says its able to teach you how to sleep properly and when done correctly you can go with only 4hours/day of sleep and you'll be fresh!

one day i shall need to learn that technique and do a bit of research to see how true it is!

to have what it takes
to do what is required

to stand strong
to stand tall

am i not only a mortal
am i not only a soul

to know and to know
to trust and to trust
to be still

when all else fails
when all else fades
nothing else matters

for it is You
My Deliverer
My Rock
My Salvation
Whom shall I fear