Thursday, October 11, 2007

welp today I just joined in some program which pays you $$ for doing some surveys..you might be interested to try it out ^^

the min. cash-out is USD75 ..so I now only got USD6..guess it'll take me a wee while to find out whether this stuff is for real or not =D

but if you got some spare time..why not check it out and help me to to reach my cash out point faster XD thus i've put up a banner on the bottom of my blog ^^

click here

btw i posted this post regarding smorty..it works =D

mmmm i'm thinking of doing some online trading as well in fashion accessories and cloths for ladies (it's a women's world after all ;)
what say you?

but for now i need to push up my sales for this fancy straps(btw it makes as a perfect gift too! for your girlfriends, buddies, wives, LADIES in particular) so that I can reinvest the money back into the trading business =D