dad's burfday gift

Thursday, October 11, 2007

this was the first one that I did....than after a chat with my mate, he reminded me about screen resolution -_-"

I nearly fainted.....

haha oh well....So I had to redo it again, and than the final creation is the second one =D

a birthday present for my dad's sony vaio ^^

learned how to do this on a tutorial, pretty simple and easy to do! But it took me quite a good FEW hours cause I had to edit each picture...only a trained eye would be able to notice the edits and effects that I added in =D

think it took me about 2days plus or so

here's the tuts
than the heart shape is a brush which I got it from here I think XD
good stuff, they have loads of good brushes!! FREEEEEEE

me, ronald (younger bro), ryan, mum&dad, sharon (ryan's wife), ron, me

missing my family =_)
wonder when will it be again that all of us could be together again