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Saturday, August 25, 2007

advertise on blogs

well I just got accepted on this program where you need to be entitled to it...I guess I'm just doing it for fun...where you can just write your opinion on something and than get paid by it. get paid to blog on certain things that are offered to it...I suppose it would do no harm to commit a few blogs to earn some cash in return ^^

will definitely let you know when I see the cash banked into my account!! =D

no harm trying advertisements & all XD

Let's hope I see the $$$$$$ than it would be make blogging more worth while ^^

oook...just got the rules on my back...need this post to be at least 150words long XD

i guess blogging has really caught up in its trend in this past year or two..and the advertisers have also picked up the trend advertise on people's's a good advertising scheme provided that the stuff advertised are really good when i get my money from this smorty job i'll definitely recommend it to all of you again =D


Fionna Tan said...

muwahaha this smorty thing actually works !!! =D

thumbs up!! i got USD6 for this post ;)

so yup you all should definitely sign up for it!!!

Goooo SMORTY!!

now i need to get more hits and stuff like tht XD