P105: Appreciation & Gratitude

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dear batchmates,

I've taken the liberty to write a thank you note to the staff & lecturers back in IMU..so below would be the email that I've sent out on behalf of the whole P105 ^^
*so this is one of the things that Fionna is doing instead of studying...*

Dear staff & lecturers of IMU,

We, P105, would like to send our appreciation & gratitude for all that you've done in our two and a half years in IMU. =)
Especially to our dean & the staff of the pharmacy faculty, our deepest gratitude for all the hard work in ensuring that all of us are able to transfer to Strathclyde (as long as we do our part to study..) More than that, ensuring that you give us the best out of everything that you can offer, to have us play our part in society, as contributors and not takers only.
A lot of things are usually done without us, as students noticing it but as we continue to grow in our maturity, we definitely do realize that it is not easy and most of the time everyone does beyond what is just merely required of them.

The 'busy-ness' of life often leave us ungrateful or rather gratefulness not shown or spoken of, thus I've decided to take this opportunity to say our heartfelt thanks for everything!

To the Student Affairs: Thanks for answering all our queries and worries. Our insensible complains & whines.
To the Academic Affairs: Thanks for taking all our questions & having the patience to answer us when our results were delayed.
To the lecturers: Thanks for not writing us off as hopeless when we come to you with 101 questions that we should have already known the answer. (Although you wish you could at times..) And to try to talk to us & than listening to us amidst your hectic workload.
To the rest of the department of IMU: we definitely have encountered you one time or another, thanks for everything! Just as everyone would be needed to ensure that the Uni functions properly, we would also like to thank all of you.

We all know that no university is perfect but after being here for about 3 months, I can daresay that IMU is doing a fairly good job!

Just a simple Thank You to all the staff in IMU.

Herein attached a picture of our batch =)
Dresscode for the day: Hoodies

Fionna WY Tan
Batch Rep of P105