P105: Hoodies Day

Monday, August 27, 2007

Picture at last ready for download! =D

P105 rocks big time ^^
Thanks to Wei Meng for editing the picture ^^

Our very first DressCode day in UoS =D
And yes it was the middle of Summer!!

All have traveled afar
To a place where we now call home
For this one year or so we will be together
To brave through the storms that come our way

Much tears and laughter have been experienced
Even in this short period of time
No doubt more will come our way
But together we will stand
Lending a helping hand without asking anything in return

For we are a batch that stands together
None of us are perfect
But in our imperfections we stay united

P105 we have made our mark in IMU
so let us now once again leave our mark here in UoS

It's gonna be our final year ppl!!! So lets press forward together!!


Lim Wei Meng said...

Good job Fionna.haha..