P105: Class party cum cooking competition

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen,

I hereby proudly present to you P105 very first class party cum cooking competition!!!

WHEN? 31st August Merdeka!!! (Sem 6 has come to an end ^^)

WHERE? Chaplaincy (Opposite Student Union)

TIME? 5.30pm

HOW MUCH? 2pounds must be paid upon registration to Darren ext 7181 or Su Miin ext 7179
* feel free to invite any of your friends over =D

CHEF? for those of you who can cook please inform Sue Choo ext 7206 or Shirlyn or Sarah

Basically it goes like this
We need people to cook for the night, so for those of you chefs out there please inform Sue Choo (or the others) about it..they are the F&B Managers. Please contact them.
We need people to prepare drinks, cook the main course, make desserts..etc and all the other yummy stuff!!
You can claim back the $

*register with Wei Meng: let him know your team name, members & menu*
there will only be 9 entries.
each entry must consist of a main course and a dessert.
prepared for 2 person meal.
you can team up with anyone you want.
no limit on the team members.
Best Main Course
Best Dessert
Best Overall

Score sheet:
Please refer to the comments section

Judges: plan to have 5, myself and the staff/lecturers.

I'm going to invite all the lecturers and staff of pharmacy & Jim Wilson too. Hopefully we get a good response

Please feel free to post up your questions or enquiries in the comments.

all the best ppl for our PP3!!!


Fionna Tan said...

Score Sheet:

Aspects in which the judges will be looking

First Impression (10 marks)
- is the layout well thought out?
- dish must be accompanied by a short description
- does the dish measure up to the description given?

Presentation (10 marks)
- creativity, innovative
- visually appealing?
- well cooked?

Taste & Quality (10 marks)
- balance of taste
- enjoyable?
- turned out as expected?

Judges have the liberty to ask the contestants questions