class party =)

Friday, August 31, 2007

ahh after a good shower and a cooling face mask, it's a good time to blog =D

had a great party today...i enjoyed it, food was GOOD though didn't eat much, as I was busy talking to the lecturers XD but managed to sample here and there =)
it was light and easy and I suppose everyone enjoyed it!

the lecturers definitely did enjoyed it a whole lot =)

we had a huge variety of good food, my batchmates can definitely COOK!!! everyone did a great job!! in cooking, planning the event, cleaning up and helping around ^^ it was great!

we also sang our National Anthem: Negaraku accompanied by Hansel playing his guitar ;)

Angela rendition a song by Coco Lee, which was really good!!
Hansel played his guitar and sang a song about a dude in a wheelchair, composed by himself. hehe which was good too, it was a good one as everyone was delighted and ended up laughing =D

A special thanks to Sue Choo & Shirlyn who were the F&B managers (great job!!); Jin Werne who got the performers & short video clips (nice pick!!); Darren & Su Miin the money collectors (vital role!!! hehe good job); those who helped to clean up, great job guys & girls!! the place is really clean and tidy!! And of course to all P105 who cooked and came and have a great time!! =)
Great job ppl!!! P105 rocks!