pushing the boundaries of creativity

Monday, September 24, 2007

Another good opportunity for me to push the boundaries of my creativity while earning $$ for it ^^ check out Smorty smorty

What else can I say about ecommerce software that hasn't already been said? With so much rantings about it..you start to wonder how true it actually is?? Sometimes you just gotta go with your guts and take a risk. After all ain't that what business is actually all about??

For those of you who are power sellers and successful online sellers, you definitely should give a try on one of those shopping cart software. As in my previous post, you can read up on how good a strategy shopping complex use by providing customers a shopping cart. Simple yet effective!

Now for a company to be able to spend some money on advertising like this one

they definitely have got a good chances of having some good stuff in it ^^

After all, you can always go for a test drive first before you decide on purchasing it. Plus I think its worthwhile giving it a go to have a chance of increasing your sales!!

Mm the site has got a really clean, trendy looking design =) non-intimidating in anyway. And it's quite reader friendly, so click on it and have a look =D