last post before my FMT 1 exam

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

haha i was just browsing through some of my works and literature...I am amazed XD

anyway wrote this quite some time ago =)

deep within the cries of my head
the dull aching pain
it just never goes away...

the build up of hormones
the build up of emotions
oh! what is this all?

another phase of life
another chapter of a book

to grow up and learn
to fall down and learn

why must it all be so?
oh God of heaven and earth
where art thou?

in my deepest distress
you seemed to have vanished

oh how could it be..
that i'm born into such a time as this?

my head still aches away...
it just never goes away...

but on your word i stand
because you have never failed me

and this time would not make a difference
for the past have prove itself
you are always there

just like the stars in the sky...
even though i don't see it at times
but yet it doens't mean that the sky is starless tonight

take courage!
for all is not lost
eternity awaits
the day i see you face to face

spirit of the almighty
come to my distress i pray
for i can stand no longer alone
it was not meant to be
it was not meant to be

as it went past the hooting owl
the rooster crows once again
a brand new morning
a brand new day

your mercies are new every morning

can't recall what it was about ..but definitely going through the motions ^^
through it all, I can stand and say that God is good =D

wheee now I shall leave my laptop alone and flick my FMT 1 book XD