brazilian nutz

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

as i was typing in the title 'brazillian..' it reminded me of Carlos, my brazilian buddy =)
it's been like 3yrs? since I last saw him face to face...which means the last I got a hug from him would be 3 years ago...that's really long..he alway gives what he calls a bone crushing hug =D
mmm...even with the whole world wired up, distance would always be distance..that would hold true till the day I own a private jet company...

than I could just simply fly to anywhere I want to XD
haha..the Gigantic Card in my room (back in KL) hanging on my wall ^^
given by my buddy Ivy...we sorta like made a pac that when I own my jet we will fly to paris for lunch and shopping and to another place for dinner how cool is that?

anyway I'm going all nuts about nuts ^^ lots of good nuts over here

so how does a brazilian nut taste?
- a lil creamy
- smells nice
- crunchy texture
- can be quite filling after you've eaten a few
- smooth

random = without method or conscious decision
been using this word a lot lately..