the day before FMT 1 degree exam

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

just woke up not too long ago...had about 9 -10 hours of sleep ^^

made myself breakfast which was superbly good (unfortunately I grilled it a lil too long XD
I discovered this thing call crumpets...ahh's sorta like a mix between waffles and pancake but distinctively crumpets hehe

i shall post up a pic later

really good stuff!

mmmm....what a beautiful day it is =) you know one of the best part about Glasgow is that, what ever time you wake won't feel hot. haha. Unlike KL, if you were to wake up at this hour of 1 plus, you'll very likely got woken up because you were sweating or it's just simply too hot...since mum always off the air-con earlier on...

the aroma of my chocolate drink floods into my ol'factory as it just sits right in front of me here as I type..

life is wonderful =) Praise God for such a great life!

oh I watched stranger than fiction yesterday it's was a good movie..but the earlier part was kinda sucky ..but it turned out alright =)
anyone wanna send me some DVD ripped movies? We could exchange some..hehe to read some ...shower n my day begins!